Welcome to Egad Games!

Welcome to the official website of Egad Games!

We are proud to announce the launch of our main website as we continue to push closer to the Legion: Champions of Valdyria Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to the help of an already active community of artists, gamers and friends, we were able to setup the framework necessary for the success of an analog card game like Legion.

As a thank you to the great people out there who helped spread the word, and those who are following along with the game’s development, we would like to announce the winner of our first community based contest!

Back in November, we announced that one person who shared news of the game on Facebook would appear in the world of Valdyria. After compiling a list of all those who entered, counting for their additional posts across the platform, we chose in the truest tabletop fashion; by rolling dice.

We would like to congratulate Jason Friday! Thank you for sharing and we hope your character ends up as epic as the world they live in.

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