Brick & Mortar Bonus


In a previous article, we covered the special Archon Kit “King Lyrin’s Madness” and some of the basic ideas introduced with these special challenge decks. Today we will discuss Archons in more detail and explain how brick & mortar retailers can take advantage of this system and access additional product during our Kickstarter campaign.

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Lyrin Kit.png

King Lyrin Kit

The King Lyrin Archon kit will include a 30 card Archon deck + Lyrin’s special item cards (2 copies of all cards within it). Normally, this would be the point in the article where we spoil the Lyrin cards, however that would ruin the mystery of Lyrin’s power. The images above will be the only indication of the danger the mad King Lyrin represents until the actual premiere of his cards in-person at an FLGS location.

Claiming Victory

How these products are utilized will be left to the discretion tournament organizer, however the recommended method of distribution will be for stores to split the Archon deck in half and give each portion to the players who defeat him as a reward for their achievement. The kits will also include additional copies of the cards to distribute as support for tournaments and open gaming events.

Full Art Promos.png

Extended Art Promos

Archons decks themselves will be built using a mixture of special unreleased cards, pre-released cards, and extended art versions of existing products. As seen above, “The Madness of King Lyrin” will have a variety of extended art Elf characters alongside standard versions of events and items.

These cards will not have any impact on the standard gameplay since they will function within their own variant format exclusively, or simply modify the visual design of existing cards. This guarantees that Legion will be free of chasing down promotional cards to remain competitive in tournament gameplay.

Kickstarter: Retailer Bonus

In order to provide the best quality service, we will be building our campaign around straight-forward reward tiers and a promotional offer for retailers.

After backing the 6 Core Set “Group Tier” level of the Kickstarter campaign, brick and mortar store owners may send proof of their business to receive the following product at no additional cost to them, shipping included. This offer will help to offset standard overhead costs and promote growth of gaming communities with promotional products. In addition, the demo decks will be shipped directly to stores ahead of the game’s official release.

Following the Kickstarter launch, stores will be able to purchase products at an exclusive retail rate, but the Kickstarter will offer the only opportunity to receive an Archon deck, demo decks and promotional materials at no cost.

Retailer Exclusives.png