Archons of Valdyria

An eerie glow was cast upon King Lyrin’s forest as an ancient power stirred. For years, the Elven king had guarded the Crown of Agmir within his domain. But now, with the advance of the Descendants upon his land, and the abandonment of the Elemental gods, the time had finally come for him to use the relic’s maddening power. With its ancient magic surging through him, Lyrin would brush aside Ceridwen’s spells and seize control of the forests - and following that, the other mortals of Valdyria would know his wrath . . .

Art by James Zapata

Art by James Zapata


Champions are at the center of Legion, but beyond their level are the Archons; Powerful individuals who surpass the rule of kings and mortals alike. These epic characters will be represented in Legion through the use of a special challenge based system, in which players lead armies against them in order to claim prizes and glory.

The Madness of King Lyrin” is a multiplayer Archon kit that retailers will have access to following the Core Set Kickstarter (launching this June). These kits offer a unique opportunity for tournament organizers to accept challengers, two at a time. If the challengers manage to defeat King Lyrin, they each receive a copy of the Lyrin card as a trophy. Though these cards will not be legal for standard tournament play, they can be used in casual multiplayer games and will be relevant for certain promotional events in the future.


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