Iconic Personalities


Valdyria is filled with Champions seeking glory and honor, but there are many iconic characters lending their support as well. These powerful individuals and legendary items are represented by the presence of the Unique trait, which prevents you from playing more than a single copy at a time.


Their kind once served the creator, but in his absence many fell to the Madness. We were fortunate to have Bromdir guide many back to the light.” ~Harvin Lightbringer


Long ago, Valdyria was ruled by a benevolent deity. With his destruction, empires collapsed, evil beings flooded the land, and the mortal realm fell into chaos. As the celestial plane regained order, many of the Iltira angels joined forces with mortal kingdoms to fight back the dark forces. One such Iltira, Ataxia, aligned herself with the god Bromdir and the Stoneguard faction that now worships him.


Were it not for the Valdryn royalty, the forests would have been crushed under the weight of their own ambitions. Thankfully, Ceridwen now dictates their magic, and Tirius their actions.” ~Vesrin


Though the forests border on the edges of many kingdoms, the Elves remain a mystery to the mortal races. This secrecy is intentional - Ceridwen’s Edict enshrouds the forests, protecting them against outside magic. The Edict is so powerful that the Elven Kingdoms are completely cut off from the outside world, with the exception of trade expeditions and political actions. Tirius, the head of the House Valdryn’s merchants, determines the best course of action during these rare endeavors.


Following Ra’Geth’s War in ancient times, dragons have become a rarity across Valdyria. Among all of the beings in our world, the Dragons were seen as one of the few threats to the demonic hordes, and thus the first to be purged from our lands.” ~Otuwa


Unlike smaller wyverns or simpler desert dragons, true dragons are gigantic beasts with devastating speed, power, and intelligence. Their terrifying appearance leads many to underestimate their ability to reason and calculate, as is the case with the infamous red dragon Firespine. The dragon conducts raids on encampments, sweeping over them at high speeds with its breath weapon before returning to feed on any remaining forces.

Duskbringer and Shadowsting

Xiri’s bow glows with a sickening aura. It reeks of malice, almost as if it thirsts for a kill.” ~Sigils


The Speaker faction holds the legendary weapons Duskbringer and Shadowsting. Born from ancient magic, both weapons contain unmeasurable power. General Vorin wields Duskbringer, a sentient sword, as a noble tool of the Remnant Guard. Conversely, Xiri serves the Speaker cause from the shadows, inciting fear of reprisal through Shadowsting’s deadly abilities.