The Aegis

Long ago, the gods of Valdyria warred against beings with power beyond mortal comprehension. They pooled their strength and formed the Aegis, a wellspring of celestial power with the potential to alter destinies. In Legion, this powerful ever-present force is represented by Aegis tokens.

With the start of every round, players roll initiative to determine the first player. Though the glory goes to the winner, the gods recognize the potential of the opponent and grant them an opportunity to prove their worth. The second player may add an Aegis token to a character of their choice. For more details about the effect of an individual Aegis token, see the Rules section here.


Ancient Bloodlines

The largest factions in Valdyria have found creative ways to harness the power of the Aegis. The Descendants are exceptionally powerful in this regard. Their unusual connection to the Aegis can be traced back to the origin of their empire, a time when their ancestors stole divine power housed within blessed vessels gifted to the mortal kingdoms. The power survived through generations and now grants the Descendants a connection to the Celestial Plane that other races can only dream of.

The Imperial Warlocks channel arcane magics with little effort. The power of the Aegis only serves to enhance their destructive spells.

Legionnaires, the elite soldiers of the Descendant armies, carry a portion of the power passed down through the bloodlines. They use this power to enhance their combat ability, allowing them to outlast their enemies.

Though not all Descendants have the ability to utilize this tremendous power, many have studied it and learned to unlock the potential of others. The Mad Bard Barb does just this with her empowering songs as she grants an Aegis Token for free.

Lost Truth

The power of the Aegis is older than any kingdom in Valdyria, but it still offers much to the mortals in need. It seeks out those with great promise, sometimes directed by the will of the gods themselves. As the Descendant Empire grew, many of the old faiths faced exile and fled to the southern wastes. Among them were worshipers of Aletha, the oldest of the known god. They channel the power of the Aegis into protective blessings and holy light. Although Aletha has fallen silent since the collapse of the old world, the promise of her return offers redemption for those lost to dark gods.


Unknown Horrors

Valdyria is vast, and within it there are many creatures that have adapted to the ever present power of the Aegis. Massive beasts lurk through canyons, stalking prey by sensing the untapped power.

As with any great evil, heros rises to oppose it. The legendary Champion Otuwa was granted eternal life by the gods in order to serve as a Guardian. Through her pact, she channels the strength of the Aegis into mortal followers so that they may strike down planar creatures threatening Valdyria.

Control your Fate

There are many times where your success or failure can hinge on the result of a die roll. As a Champion, It is up to you when to utilize the awesome power of the Celestial Plane and alter your destiny.

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