Print & Play

Legion is a community driven card game, which means we plan to involve our playerbase in story-driven decisions, limited edition card designs, and unique convention events. The first step however, is getting the game into your hands.

Legion will be launching on Kickstarter during the second quarter of 2019. In preparation for the launch, we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to learn the game at their own leisure by providing two free print & play demo decks - starting today!


What You will Need:

Click on each of the decks listed to access a 4-page PDF, formatted for standard letter pages. Players will need at least 1 twenty-sided die and several tokens to track both Aegis and wounds.

For the first few games, it is recommended that players ignore Feats and focus on the core gameplay, using the Learn-to-Play guide. For more advanced ruling questions, join our official Discord and check the Rules section there. Keep in mind, at 30 cards each, the demo decks contain fewer than the standard card count of a deck and represent a version of the game meant for instruction.



Firebrand - A Path to Exile

The forge-mage Kaseila mastered fire magic whilst apprenticing under the most prestigious blacksmiths of the Western Kingdoms. Her skills help to forge Puresteel into weapons and armor, providing the Stoneguard with one of the most formidable armories in all of Valdyria.

When several Tribal leaders requested aid from the Stoneguard King Jorund to help defend against Descendant Empire attacks, he declined their pleas. Kaseila was delivering newly forged weapons to the King’s war room for inspection when she overheard the King’s plans to abandon the Tribal leaders. She decided to take action on her own, and fled on horseback in the middle of the night with several precious blocks of Puresteel.

Knowing her reckless actions could spark an even greater war among factions, King Jorund sent Nokura on a mission to apprehend Kaseila and return her to the Stoneguard for judgment.



Avalanche - Nokura’s Mission

Nokura, an envoy of the Western Kingdoms, fights with the military forces of the Stoneguard Alliance. The paladin’s military might is backed by the combined power of the elemental Terrus and the lawful god Bromdir.

Nokura’s resolve was tested following his failure to stop the defector Gerick from joining the Descendant ranks. His chance at absolution arrived when the Stoneguard King sent him east to prevent the idealistic mage from starting a war. Nokura must now race against time to prevent Kaseila from betraying the Stoneguard oaths and going down the path to exile.