Armed for War


Welcome to the second in our series of introductory articles going over the most important aspects of Legion: Champions of Valdyria. In the previous article, we discussed Champions and the basics of Character cards. For this week, we will cover some the ways you can arm your characters and surprise the opponent with tactical event decisions.


Supporting Your Champion

In Legion, players are free to experiment with any combination of events and items they feel will work with their Champion and army of characters. There are no restrictions on which of these cards you can use to build a deck, so long as no more than half of your deck is a single card type.

For today we will discuss some of the options available to Otuwa, the Eternal (see the faction focus for more details). Her combination of the Cleric and Monk classes provides a selection of cards that can slow the opponent’s aggressive strategies while maintaining the threat of a strong counterattack.

Defensive Spells

Otuwa’s primary class is that of a level 5 Cleric, the best choice for a strategy that forces your opponent to dedicate more resources to breaking your ranks. Clerics have access to healing spells, events and items that grant stat bonuses to your army and cards that can slow down the enemy. A great example of this is Summon Bees, a spell that can potentially spend several characters at once, depending on how powerful your character casting it is.

Strategic Timing

Some cards may be fairly straight forward in their timing, benefiting from use at the first available opportunity. Serenity, for example, is a stance which demonstrates the inner resolve of a monk and an intense focus on survival.

If you are holding a cleric spell in hand, such a Transfer Wounds, there may be a bit more subtlety involved in the timing. If the opponent inflicts a wound on one of your characters, the choice then becomes; Do I use the spell to protect that character now, or save it for a more powerful character later? Decisions like this can help to bluff the opponent or simply keep your Champion alive for another round.

The level 2 character Nature Singer casts Summon Bees, targeting 2 opposing characters that will have to succeed with a Poison save.


Gearing Up

When trying to survive a war of attrition, items can provide a long lasting boost for your characters. While Fighters like The Duke of Loria (mentioned in the previous article) tend to focus heavily on armor and weapons in order to increase their destructive capability, Cleric items like Sun Shield tend to offer a wider array of protection abilities.

Unity of Tribes

The Valdyrian Tribes work together to oppose the expansion of the Descendant Empire, combining their individual strengths into a larger fighting force. Otuwa improves upon this faction focus with her ability to make every single melee strike from her followers into a possible devastating attack. With the addition of items like Mark of Guardians and Sun Shield, Otuwa can choose to stay back and protect her forces as a standard cleric. Alternatively, she can head to the front-line with the help of a Faithful Steed and fight alongside her characters.



Future Champions

To learn more about the game, be sure to check back for other introductory articles and news about upcoming events. Participate in any demo leading up to the Kickstarter launch and receive border-less Champion cards (including the Otuwa, the Eternal herself).