Dreamation 2019

For anyone looking to try Legion: Champions of Valdyria first-hand, we will be running demos February 21st-24th during Dreamation 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Morristown & Conference Center in Morristown, NJ.

Stop by and receive an exclusive border-less card featuring a Champion or Zombie Token. These cards are printed in limited supply to promote the future Kickstarter launch and will be completely playable alongside their Core Set versions when the game releases.

Visit the main Dreamation 2019 event page for more details.

From Noble Blood
Loria is the capital city of the Descendant Empire and the largest in the eastern region of Valdyria. It is run by many noble families that can trace their history back to the original Valdys Empire itself. In the Emperor’s absence, the Duke of Loria rules with an iron fist.

Voice of the Elements
The Elven forests follow many different laws, but they find themselves united under the rule of their elemental gods. Ceridwen’s direct contact with the air elemental Zephyr grants her the title “Silverwind”, and with it the authority to enforce their will.

An Ancient Hero
An ancient champion of the many Valdyrian tribes; Otuwa mysteriously disappeared centuries ago after a battle with an extra-planar threat. Presumed defeated at the hands of a powerful enemy, the tribes fractured as they eventually forgot their purpose. Now, fulfilling a prophecy of the tribal druids, Otuwa returns to re-unite the tribes under one banner.

A Steadfast Guardian
The Stoneguard fortress Haldurn can be found along the western mountain range, guarded by Grimgur and his forces. He trains soldiers the combat styles of the Western Kingdoms so that they may become elite guardians of the Stoneguard, capable of defending Haldurn against any outside forces.

A Mysterious Agent
Xiri serves as the right hand of Arocrys, one of the most powerful leaders within the Speaker faction. His methods are quick and brutal, ending threats before they can ever gain a foothold.

An Army of Shadows
Tendilia owes allegiance to none of the Valdyrian kingdoms, instead living to further her own goals. With the ability to bring forth hordes of monsters and shadow soldiers, she is a force to be reckoned with..