Class Themes


Welcome to the third installment in our series of introductory articles. In the previous article “Armed for War”, we discussed Item and Event cards. This time we will cover the specific themes of all character classes and how they relate to the world of Valdyria. Each class plays a bit differently and it is up to you as a Champion to determine what strategy works best with the classes available to you.




Devastating Attacks

As mentioned in “What is a Champion?”, Fighters represent the most aggressive group of characters in Valdyria. Barbarians, Rangers and Paladins can all be found within the Fighter class. Their event cards push the limits of Melee combat, allowing them to Obliterate opposing ranks and inflict more damage than any single cleric can heal.

Strength of an Army

In order to compensate for their lack of magical talent, Fighters will often rely on physical equipment to improve their effectiveness in battle. Items like Copperfang Hammer and Puresteel Helm help to hit harder and stay alive longer. With a few items like these attached to Battlemaster Ikara, you can get the impact of an entire army from a single character.


Empowering Voice

Clerics primarily avoid battle and instead focus on protecting their army. A common strategy of Tribal Druids is to channel the power of nature while Seers of the Descendant Empire may advise Champion of the best time to join a battle. Cantors can even unlock hidden strength of their followers through powerful song spells.

Suppressing Force

Although Healing is a common theme among clerics (one which can stop many rogues in their tracks), some may take a more proactive approach by slowing down the enemy before the battle begins. This is the most effective strategy for defensive Druids who have access to spells like Summon Bees.




Adaptive Techniques

The discipline required for a Monk to maintain a peaceful stance in the tumultuous world of Valdyria shows incredible self control. With the right combination of meditation and combat training, they can regain their senses and react even under the harshest conditions.

Combat Mastery

Monks display a unique set of skills that blur the lines between the classes. They may be able to balance the dexterity of a rogue with the destructive ability of a fighter, even without the raw power of either class’s stats. They can unleash a flurry of strikes in a single attack, choosing just the right time to channel their Ki into an explosive magic strike.


Strike with Precision

Rogues often rely upon their own talents, rather than those of their allies. In the case of warfare between Champions, a rogue may accept the aid of their faction but still operate under the guidance of their own moral compass. While Fighters are excellent at bashing their way through opposing ranks, Rogues like Wyvernton often excel at precision Ranged attacks and effects that trip up the enemy.

From the Shadows

Some of the greatest accomplishments in Valdyria have been achieved alongside the most underhanded displays of treachery one could imagine. Dynasties have been cut short by assassination, and many more live under the threat of a dagger to their back. No matter which class a character falls under, they need to remain alert and ready to avoid the same fate.




Explosive Spells

Wizards ignore physical strength completely in favor of arcane power and the wisdom that comes from years of research (or innate talent in the case of Descendant warlocks). Access to versatile spells gives them an advantage over the more limited tactics of other classes. Many wizards can apply a bit more energy to simply destroy the target of their spell.

Elemental Mastery

Wizards can align themselves with the elements and aid their army in other ways as well. With a wave of her hand, the Elven Queen Ceridwen can call upon the winds to send an entire army towards the front lines. Summoners and Necromancers stay out of harm’s way, instead sitting in the back ranks directing their minions from afar.



Future Champions

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